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    Hey there everyone. I'm an amatuer with Source. I know my basics with Hammer, and that's it. I'm cureently working on 2 maps, one for Counter Strike, and one for TF2. But, I just have a few questions to help me get started.

    Firstly, how to I import it to start a server with it for TF2? I know to to test the map directly from Hammer, but what if I wanted to open TF2 and start a game with my map?

    Secondly, what's with the background taking shape of everything else? And how do I fix that?

    Third. A Skybox. How do I make one? The server I'm making the map for is specfically requesting a Skybox for the VIPS/Mods/Admins, but how do I do it?

    Fourth, speed of the doors. Can I change how fast the door will close when no one is near it? It seems like is takes forever when I walk through to door for it to close. And can I change it do it opens earlier?

    Fifth, is it possible to create an elevator that can go to different floors? It's okay if not.

    Sixth, every prop (except for the resupply lockers) come out as errors when I test?

    Lastly, How do I create curved blocks?

    I've tried looking around but it no link seems to do me justice.

    Sorry for so many questions, and I apologize if they're very beginner questions

    Thank you for reading this and hopefully helping out! :)
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    1) After opening TF2, go to "create new server" and find your map in the drop-down list.
    2) https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/2D_skybox
    3) https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/3d_skybox
    4) Not sure what you mean exactly, but you can control the door speed in your func_door entity (the variable is called speed). If you mean that the door doesn't close until the player is very far away, make your trigger_multiple smaller.
    5) It is, but I don't recommend it, as moving surfaces and players don't really get along well in TF2's version of Source.
    6) Not sure... could be that you made them all prop_dynamics when they needed to be prop_statics. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Prop_Types
    7) Use the arch tool.
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    In dev console: "map MAPNAME"

    With a skybox :p


    Take a look at in- and outputs and triggers.


    No idea, sorry.

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    Enable the console and make it open upon startup. Type in map <mapname>.
    If you wanted to open cp_dustbowl for example, you'd have to type map cp_dustbowl

    For source dedicated servers, you have to put the map into the servers map folder too.

    Most likely a leak. Read about it here.

    Custom skyboxes work almost the same as any other custom texture, but there are a few twists to it.
    You can read a bit about it here

    Look into the doors properties for the door speed. The door should start opening instantly when triggered. If it is a a proximity triggered door you want to open earlier, you can make it so by expanding the trigger, since any contact with it will trigger the door.

    Yes, but it involves some entity work that may seem complex if you're new. There is a guide on elevators here.

    That's odd. Which props are you using? Can we see how it's set up?

    Lots of ways to do this, all suitable for different situations. Here are a few links that can help you:

    Basic stuff
    Additional tools

    My best personal tip for you is to get comfortable with this site, as it describes just about everything you need to know about mapping.

    Happy hammerin'! ^^
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    Why is a server requesting you make them a map if you're brand new to using Hammer? Are they really that hard-up for people who'll dignify them with a response?
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    Thank you everyone for the help! Got everything all figured out now :)

    And they didn't actually ask me directly. They were looking for someone, and I have tinkered around so I figured I'd offer to try it out. I told them I was new to it, so they don't expcet a top of the line project