Jungle Boogie Gamedays - Every Friday!

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    Header by Fuzzy & Void

    The idea behind the Jungle Boogie Gamedays is to inspire and encourage those that wish to work on maps for the upcoming Jungle-themed updated in development by Valve! Have you been working on a map that you want to make fit the update's theme but haven't been able to get it off the ground just yet? We're here to help! We're here to break the misconception that it's "too late" to take part in the update and get people involved to make the best jungle maps they can! The world can always use more jungle maps - especially the jungle tag on the workshop!


    Every Friday*, Fuzzy and I will be hosting the Jungle Boogie Gamedays on the Official TF2M Servers. Prior to each event, we will announce when it will take place and what server it will be hosted on. As Fuzzy and I, your hosts behind the Jungle Boogie Gamedays, are american, it'll be more often than not an event hosted on the US server. If timezones are permitting or the US server is otherwise inconvenient, we can always host on the EU server!

    TF2Maps.net US Server - Dallas, Texas, United States -
    TF2Maps.net EU Server - Frankfurt, Germany -

    The first event will be held Friday, April 21st, 1PM CDT on the US Server.
    Convert to your timezone here.

    *Acts of God permitting.


    Please use this format for submitting maps:
    Map name: (provide the full filename, e.g. cp_example_a1)
    Download: (TF2M or Dropbox downloads preferred)
    Notes: (Optional)
    • Your map must be fully playable.
      • This means working spawns, functional objectives, packed custom content, proper lighting (not fullbright), no leaks etc. Please make sure your map fits this criteria. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask either in this thread or the TF2M Steam Group chat.
    • Filename must be entirely in lowercase.
      • 'cp_example_a1', not 'CP_Example_A1' - capital letters break Linux servers.
    • Please repack your map before uploading.
      • It's better that way. Smaller downloads mean faster downloads means more people in the server playing your map sooner.
    • MvM, Surf, Trade, MGE, etc. are not permitted.
      • Custom gamemodes are permitted as long as they don't require any special treatment to be playable. Despite the active contest, MvM maps can not be submitted, as the server is not set up for it.

    Whenever a map is submitted to the Jungle Boogie Gamedays, it'll be added to the Map Pool! If more maps are needed to fill a test due to an inadequate amount of new testing versions per-week, maps will be drawn from the Pool to fill the slots. Jungle Boogie Gamedays will average to around 8 maps per test.

    The Map Pool currently hosts these maps for regular testing and inspiration:​

    • We accept any and all Jungle maps!
      • You are not bound or limited to the Mayann theme. While this won't be readily apparent in alphas, we still wholly encourage you to submit early versions of your maps. If it's an Alpha 1 you want to submit to make into a later Jungle-themed map, then go for it!
    • Don't abuse the RTV system with the intent of getting to a map you submitted faster.
      • All maps will be treated equally. A pre-screening of the maps will confirm whether or not there are any technical difficulties to prevent RTV'ing for such issues.
    • Standard server rules apply.
      • Be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to test every map you see - just don't be rude about it.
    • Any updates you make to a map you've already submitted must be posted about in the thread.
      • This ensures that the proper version is set up for testing.
    • Each test will be limited to 8 maps.
      • If for whatever reason your map can't fit, it can always be added to next week, or tested sooner via general impromptu using the VBot system in the TF2M Steam Group Chat.
    • Maps will have a cut-off submission time of 4 hours prior to the event each Friday.
      • If you can not submit your map within this time, it'll be added to next week, or it can also be added to VBot for general impromptu.
    • If your map is currently in the Map Pool but you'd like to have it specifically tested, just post stating such, and we'll add it to the upcoming gameday list.
    If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask! While this thread is where you can submit your maps for Jungle-themed testing, it's also open to discussion regarding the events and maps featured in them!​
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    current maps im working on. koth_beertown, cp_train(wip name), arena_mun and mvm_fu. i dont want to expand that list. but il happily play some of the maps :)
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    Whoa, Holcan's in the map pool! Neat! I should probably keep working on that.
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    I'm real excited to see what all these jungle maps bring to the table! I know within the past few weeks, these jungle imps was real fun to be had. I can't wait to see if people make more maps, I hope this inspires many people to try!

    To those making jungle maps right now- I'm really super proud and excited and I know all of you will do great! Keep it up, friends, this is only just the beginning~!
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    Map name: koth_ahau_rc2
    Author(s): Woozlez, xb33, and signalmax
    Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3GKNCEr72suUUZzMEtKdzZQX2M/view?usp=sharing
    Notes: I don't believe this needs another dedicated test, it would just be really nice for it to get a few more chances to be played in the map pool! I think the map is good inspiration for anyone trying to utilize Mayann theme or excavation elements, so I think it will find a good home on the server.
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    Map name: koth_lazarus_b1
    Author: Void
    Download: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/lazarus.2855/download?version=8534

    Also! The first Jungle Boogie Gameday is upon us today! I'll be compiling a list of maps for today's gameday and posting it closer to the event time. Remember you have up until 4 hours before the event to add your map to the gameday's specific list!
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    Today's Gameday will be featuring 6 maps - and you can download them in one pack, here!

    This is highly recommended as these Jungle maps tend to get very large in filesize!

    Download Here!
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