JUMP jump_pyropoots_a4 2017-11-12

A Thermal Thruster jump map.


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    jump_pyropoots_a4 - A Thermal Thruster jump map.

    A jump map designed for the Thermal Thruster.

    This map is Intended for players with a bit of jumping experience already under their belt.

    Many jumps on this map utilize a trick which allows for a second thrust to be used any time after the initial launch. To do this, simply bump your head on one of the provided overhangs with the first half of the thruster's boost, ensure you're footed on the ground when the second half goes off, then activate the thruster again any time while airborne.

    For whatever reason, this trick will occasionally not work, and you'll boost off the ground as if you didn't do it at all. I'm not sure why. To fix this, just reload your map. The map is best played on a local or listen server because of this. I wasn't able to get the trick to work when hosting the map on a dedicated server, even with restarts and changelevels.

    Future updates will bring a few occasional jumps, bonuses, and aesthetic fixes.
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