JUMP jump_cow FINAL

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Jul 22, 2016
jump_cow - Easy cow themed soldier jump map

Easy cow themed soldier jump map.
Bonuses will likely be added in future versions.

Cynder loves Portal

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Jan 9, 2016
You must be in the right "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOD" to use this map.


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Oct 12, 2017
Super fun theme & I really like how bright it is! I did find it a little dizzying & disorientating with the cowskin everywhere for so much of course 1 & 2, starting the bonuses I was genuinely relieved to see a bit of black >_<

I really like the use of the water & bottle texture on the floor, it looks great!
I get that it's been established as the no-go texture but in the slide section seeing it placed vertically felt a little off & the cowskin for the floor of that section flies by so quickly that again it feels a little sickening lol.

I feel like if the textures were more varied to make the different areas/progress more tangible I would be more comfortable recommending this map to beginners! Numbers for jumps would be nice so people can communicate to friends where exactly they're stuck & see themselves making progress would be lovely

Going from jump to jump flows really nicely & it feels really natural, going from course to course by walking into the wall wasn't as intuitive, maybe a stationary cow prop next to the control point would be a nice addition for moving between courses.

I didn't realise I was starting the bonuses when I got to the consecutive c-taps, I feel like a few people will get stuck at them like I did thinking that they should be a similar difficulty to the rest of the map, if you use a different system to navigate to the bonuses or used a different texture for the sky, just a few more things to really hammer home that the main map section is over would be great.

I did see the map credit at the second checkpoint ofc >_< just this feels like a hommage to jump beef so I was expecting 3 courses I guess ah.

Thank you for making a beginner map!! This is already so much more friendly than a lot of the low difficulty maps in the tempus rotation so I hope it gets included!


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Dec 27, 2017
Other than the wall texture hurting my eyes, it's a pretty good starter-friendly course