Jump.tf Jump Jam 2

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Aug 11, 2013

Jump Jam is somehow similar to TF2Maps 72h contest. I know that jump maps and mappers are not very common here, but here is an announcement just in case someone would like to try himself as a jump mapper. TF2 jump mapping ideology is slightly different from regular mappers' minds. Usually maps never reach high levels of detailing. The main goal is to make a map that is enjoyable to play. However, noone stops you from making a short but pretty map, we do have a category for that.

What is this ?

The main idea behind this is to get people who either haven't mapped before, fail to finish maps due to motivation or otherwise love staring at grids to sit down over 72 hours and just make some form of a jump map. Inspired by similar events for surf mapping and the TF2maps jams.

The map does not in anyway have to be complete. A submission with 3 awesome jumps may be better than 20 rushed dev-texture jumps.

Start: 15th July (Saturday) - 7 AM
End: 18th July (Tuesday) - 7 AM

Start: 14th July (Friday) - 5 PM
End: 17th July (Monday) - 5 PM

Start: 14th July (Friday) - 2 PM
End: 17th July (Monday) - 2 PM

Start: 14th July (Friday) - 9 PM
End: 17th July (Monday) - 9 PM

If you want to participate as a mapper:
Join the steam-group below. A thread will be opened at the end of the event to allow submission of your entry. Additionally you can discuss and view the detailed rules and information on the event on this jump.tf thread.

Steam group
RJWeekly Discord, join the #jump-jam channel and feel free to ask any questions you have

This competition is hosted by Pants, thanks to him for all the effort he puts into the community.

This is the second time we run an event like this.
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