Jimi Jam Stickers! [Reupload] The Biggest Content Updat

Do you like stickers on weapons?

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    Jimi Jam Stickers! [Reupload] - Do you like stickers on weapons?

    [h1]Probably everyone wants to make their weapons beautiful and unique! And this opportunity has come true![/h1]
    New stickers for your weapons! They not only decorate weapon and make you're weapon a unique, trendy and awesome!

    [h1]On the weapons can be pasted only 1 sticker (yet)![/h1]
    Weapons that can be pasted stickers:
    • Standard Weapon - Stickers can be glued to all the standard weapons : Minigun, Medigun, Rocket Launcher and etc., but some conventional weapons is not supported stickers! For example (Bone Saw, Kukri, etc.) you can see all the weapons unsupported preview of the picture!
    [h1]Also Stickers can be glued on all weapons with paint (skins).[/h1]
    Stickers do not support the arms of Australium and weapons have been added from the community and those that are in Drop system, such as Sandwich, Jarate, Black Box etc.

    Buy , Sell , Trade your stickers on stickers other people!
    Have fun and create your own weapons with these stickers!
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    The biggest content update!

    On this update has been updated:
    • All the weapons which you can use stickers! (meaning that there were changed weapons texture with stickers)
    • Was Removed bug where a sticker on the weapon was removed or took the another form of missing texture!
    • Added New description for the stickers!
    • Added beta version of image stickers in inventory.
    Has been updated a lot of content! 89mb of new, fresh and updated files!
    I tried very hard on this update! I lost 3-4 days of my life for this! But this is all! Wait for new updates and maybe even Valve will add this content to Team Fortress 2!

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