CP Jenkins B10

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Feb 8, 2016
about the detailing, try to make the buildings less flat and maybe give them a unique style.
for the mid-area use different props to your advantage so as to make it look more natural and less flat and boring. Maybe some more opening or height variation could help but You guys know better on that subject.
Lastly I feel like mid-point is not that unique ( personal opinion I could be wrong ) Mid as of now is kinda boring and not the best place to fight on. maybe some more height variation like I Suggested earlier could solve that issue or making it bigger. Another option would be to add a few more buildings or flanks around mid. As far Point B and C are concerned I do like them A lot. I think you tried bringing a new design to the table for those 2 points and i think the map benefits from it a lot. I am just saying that a similar Idea could be brought up for Mid point As Well. Anyway good luck for the map.