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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by VlachVania, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I read somewhere that there was a map where every player had one life and then re-spawned in a team specific cage. When a team won the opposing teams cage was dropped to its doom or something.

    This gave me an idea, would it be possible to do a jailbreak style map. Once a player dies next time he re-spawns it would be behind bars in the enemy base. The only way out would be if an engineer spawns and builds a teleporter (you can always negate this by making it a no-build zone) or if a free teammate broke into the base and opened the cell doors.

    I'd like to see this idea through and have been looking through entity properties and tutorials, but I can't seem to think of an easy way (I have a few long workaround-ish ideas in mind).
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    This should be easy to implement. If you have searched and can't find any good resources, go hunting for ctf_steamroll (the map you mentioned) and talk to the author or decompile it to figure out the entity setup used.

    The act of jailbreaking, however, is much more limited than previous Jailbreak incarnations. You can't teamstack in TF2, so you're limited to leveraging the special abilities of single classes to escape.
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    Heh reminds me of dodge ball in the gym where if someone was able to make a basket all your teammates could get back into the game!

    How do you make the guys spawn in the jail though? Do you simply disable the starting spawn points a couple seconds into the game?
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    Ah, ctf_steamroll, I couldn't remember its name and couldn't find the original post I read about it in. I think I will try and get in contact with the author, Thanks a bunch.

    You're exactly right, my mind went straight to dodge ball from way back when. the only way I could think to do it was the same way you just mentioned what with the disabling the starting spawn points after setup or whatever. But this makes it so any player to jump in mid game is automatically imprisoned.

    On escaping the jail:
    I thought Id have a few escape methods.

    1) a fellow teammate (most likely a spy) could sneak behind enemy lines and open the cell. (not turret building near the cell, we don't want turrets shooting freshly jailed people over and over again)

    2) If an engie has a tele exit still alive and gets imprisoned he can build a tele entrance inside the jail (but then that would allow people to build turrets in their own jail right at setup, maybe prevent you from entering your own jail like an opposing spawn room).

    3) Maybe there's an unfinished tunnel waiting to be used all prisoners have to do is dig through destructible dirt. (this is a one way escape and possibly a one time escape too. No diging in from the outside and it might collapse upon itself once used).

    4) If someone were to switch off the main power to the enemy base not only would the jail be forced open, but the base would go into a state of emergency lighting and open security. (more direct paths for enemies)

    so thats a bunch of my thoughts in a nutshell.