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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by megawac, Aug 17, 2010.

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    This map is using a modded game mode.

    The Objective
    The maps game mode is a simple combination of Capture the Flag and Push Capture Point. The goal is to bring the neutral Intelligence to both of the enemies Control Points and stopping the enemy from capturing your own.

    Some Important Features
    The Control Point can not be captured while a team member is nearby. When a point is captured the Intelligence will return 10 seconds later. Once a control point is captured, it can not be taken back.

    What makes this mode intresting
    This game mode has new and different strategies not found in any other game mode. The whole round is focused on controlling one objective, so offensive and defensive tactics can be original. The game mode itself rewards that most coordinated team.

    The Map
    The map is designed to be open enough for anywhere between 6v6 to 12v12 games. Throughout the map there are varying heights difference and choke points to take control over. The maps outdoor environment is a desert, indoors the game takes place in a large storage warehouse.

    This map is pretty much ready for beta just want a couple more play tests to be done on it. Tried to keep this description short.

    BZip2 mirror
    Extra Screenshots

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    From the screenshots, the inside is too hard, and the outside is too red. :)
  3. The Political Gamer

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    Looks more like a sniper tossed a big thing of Jarate o the map.
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