I've done nothing but generate map screenshots in the last month [map screenshots dataset]

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May 20, 2016

Hi all,

I've done nothing but generate map screenshots for this game called "Team Fortress 2" in the last month. The result is a dataset of screenshots of the spectator cameras and level overviews from 11.029 gamemaps. To be more specific; it contains screenshots of every spectator camera in the gamemap, including an overview image (which is a merged result of different map heights) and a json file containing some extracted metadata from that map (which is also used in map-stats over on teamwork.tf).

In the past month, I've downloaded 440GB of gamemaps. Thanks to all the contributes providing me large datasets. It's basically every TF2 gamemap currently available for download; from the Steam Workshop, TF2Maps, Gamebanana, bunch of server providers and some personal contributions. Possibly there are some maps missing, but this is because the game couldn't open them (the game crashes).

The source code used to create these screenshots in an automated manner are also available over on Github. It is not an out-of-the-box solution, but someone with minor Python knowledge should get it working after some setup.

I thought it would be beneficial to share with the TF2 community, maybe it will be useful in some future projects. You may use it freely, although I would greatly appreciate a credits/link to teamwork.tf. I will be using this dataset in Community Quickplay to create better map thumbnails for maps, as this is still an on-going problem.

I've also handed over the dataset over to the Valve development team, as it can be useful for a much needed server-browser update. There have been some discussions surrounding community servers and how the current game GUI is bleeding them dead, but no promises here yet!

To be clear; I won't be working further on this side-project. Any-one can improve it though and re-post the results.

Download link (9.6GB):
http:// https://mega.nz/#!GJs1XTwA!w2SiJsxBkmBPAQM6VYFVzRyp6mnUBmO5eZL7hbRWglI

(just uncheck "download via Mega desktop" and download the ZIP, which contains all the spectator cameras, level overviews and metadata for the 11.029 maps.)

Source code to generate screenshots yourself:

Known problems:

- Missing materials; can be filtered out by checking for the purple color.
- Missing spectator cams; some maps just don't have spectator cams.
- Overview images are not always perfect, due to the green color and/or backgrounds popping up sometimes.

Kind Regards,

Merry Christmas!
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Dec 19, 2015
Hey, your link contains a space before https and lacks a colon after it, which makes the browser misrecognize it... at least for me.
Thanks for this download, though!
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