I've been putting introductions off for too long

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    So I've finally stopped making excuses to introduce myself, I go by Wigggles?! these days. I'm a complete novice to mapping however, slowly but surely I've been making some strides, along with some setbacks (mappers block, BLEH!). I've been fiddling around with hammer for a few months now and after the initial really, really shabby maps, I think I have a couple KotH maps that eventually I'd be happy to showcase, and get some input and criticism on.

    When I'm not focused on hammer I'm usually reading some Lovecraft or reddit or trying, with some limited success, to teach myself how to model and texture. I find myself overly ambitious and thinking too far ahead on what else could possibly make a kick butt setting for a map. Other than that I've been considering picking up archery again, I used to go down to my local range and shoot once a week. Once I can afford to go to school again I'll probably explore some classes at my local junior college

    When I'm playing tf2, I like to play a spy when there's not too many otherwise I'll cycle through most classes, except sniper because, as one of my close friends once described me to his brother: I'm like a walking quaalude. Someone else said I had the reflexes of a dead rhino, haha.
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    Hay and welcome! Take a look at my sig, it will get you off to a very good start.