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    Release date: NOV 25/09

    Updated: DEC 16/09

    Its almost Christmas!

    That elf was a spy! He stole the lights and the candy cane stash for the tree on the roof, and you really want the tree to be finished for christmas, so you decide you are going to kick some ass. You grab your friend Pyro and try to track him down, but you trip over a present and find other things you can do! A map made by Friend. Please do not use textures, or decompile without asking.


    Custom textures, by Friend. ("YOU MADE IT" texture REALLY is Friend!)

    Lots of presents.

    Mmm. Candy canes. Where do they lead?

    Pose and make a TF santa screenshot!

    Some secret fun!

    Guarenteed entertainment.


    Using your preferred zip archiver, Install in your "Steam\steamapps\\team fortress 2\tf\maps" folder.

    Dedicated to:

    My deceased father, my wife, and my two adorable little girls.

    Changes: (AS REQUESTED)

    Added spectator cameras
    The spawn room was rebuilt
    Made the environment lighting colder
    Added more lighting
    Fixed overlay errors
    Added alot of cubemaps
    The tree area was rebuilt
    The tree ladder is now climbable
    The engineer hill was rebuilt
    Added more custom content
    Added trigger_hurts to spawn
    Added trigger_hurts to idle paths
    Added more humour (But not as much as hoped)
    Fixed some overlooked brushes
    Optimized the map and cut down compile times by 80%
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