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    After lurking for the better part of this year I've decided it's finally time to introduce myself, so here we go!

    I go by killohurtz on Steam, and I'm a competitive TF2 player who picked up Hammer around a year and a half ago. I've been working on a 5CP map (albeit very slowly) that's being designed with competitive TF2 in mind, and even though it's been a personal project for a long time I hope to post a thread for it at some point.

    I'd have to say detailing is my favorite part of the mapping process, which brings me to mention: I decided to take a shot at the Detailing Mini-Contest this year. It's pretty much my first real involvement with this community, so I'm looking forward to participating and seeing what everyone else comes up with!

    That's it for now, I suppose - nice to meet you all!
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    Hey! Welcome to the community!
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    What a great time to join. A detailing contest entry is just about the best first project i can think of.