It's amazing what a few supports can do for buildings

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    If you look at the Valve maps, you'll notice that not one of their buildings is free-standing. It's not just flat walls w/ some windows. There are crossed wooden and metal beams, thin metal sheets to fill in gaps, etc. I was working on my payload map, trying to figure out how I can liven up the main building near cap 1. I have the surrounding environment looking pretty good, but the box itself was just that; flat box w/ cutouts for doors and windows. So I copied a few items from 2fort to get some inspiration. I made my own set of rafters, put the front edge over a cliff w/ some wooden things under it, and voila. It was already looking like 10x better. With the aforementioned supports in place, it was really easy to place stuff like a fire alarm, mining equipment, etc. Even if you're unsure, it's easy to start. Make an 8x16 wooden brush, and place it in the corners and middle points of the building, inside and out. Don't worry about all-over symmetry, just make sure that your supports line up w/ the closest walls. So yah, just my 2 cents for today :)
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    No before and after pics? You had me excited. :(
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    Yes, pix would be very appreciated.
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    Yep, and don't forget to tie 'em to func_detail *ties string on finger*