It seems I am not the only Spy!

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    OK, so I'm not exactly new here. However, I haven't really been active here.

    So, who exactly am I?
    • Not a mapper, although I do know the bare basics.
    • A person who has been running TF2 servers since 2008. OCReMix TF2, RUGC Midwest, and my own test server.
    • A SourceMod plugin developer. A few examples of things I've created are NativeVotes and MapChooser Extended.
    • The person who did testing of the TF2 Map Workshop on the server side in June-August 2015. Nearly every update during this time had at least one bug fixed that I'd reported to Valve's John Schoenick.
    • The person who added Workshop support to SourceMod 1.8's core plugins, including Mapchooser and Nominations.
    • A full stack web developer by trade.
    • I also have some experience running Linux servers.

    I know a few people on the TF2Maps staff.

    I'm going to try to be more active on TF2Maps from now on.

    Also, Crash, add more sandbags to trenchfoot!
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