Issues with the TF2Maps.Net server. How do I fix it?

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Funne Monke

L1: Registered
Nov 23, 2022
Whenever I attempt to join the TF2Maps.Net server, it says it's downloading for a short amount of time, and then says I don't have the map and disconnects. Is there a server rotation list I can install and put into my maps folder so it loads by default? In case you're wondering, I have "install custom files" installed so I don't know why things aren't working.


Repacking Evangelist
Jul 22, 2014
By any chance are you in a country that routinely blocks internet content, or a resident of Russia? It's possible the TF2Maps' FastDL server is blocked for you (though I don't know what the address is).

Next time you try to connect and it fails, grab the value of `sv_downloadurl` from the console and visit the address in a web browser, adding the map_filename.bsp on the end (you may need to add a .bz2 extension).