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    I have been trying to use info_particle_system with particle effect underworld_gate_zap but for some reason, no matter how much i turn it or change it's point of view or orientantion, in the game itself it keeps facing same way. Sideways. All i walt is 90 degree turn but this seems impossible to do. Can some effects be like this or am i just missing something simple?
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    Particle systems cannot be rotated, only the starting velocity can be rotated. Particles likes the gate zap have a pre-determined "rotation" (its actually more of a box the particles are allowed to spawn in) that cannot be changed.

    Some particles like the explosion particles look like they can be rotated, but in reality you are only making the particles fly sideways; therefore not rotating the effect but the initial velocity

    So as a rule of thumb; If the particle doesnt move the moment it spawns, then it might not be rotatable
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