Is this 'gametype' ok?

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    I'm in the process of making a map which will be called short circuit (as long as it isn't taken) with a new (I think) gametype. The general idea of it is that Blu have up to 2 capture points to capture and they they then have to get the intel. Only, they don't need to get both capture points. The intel is in a room where all the entrances to it are blocked by instant-kill lasers. Capturing any one point makes these lasers flicker on and off whilst capturing the other turns them off completly. Blu then have to capture the intel.

    My main question is: Will it be possible to set this gametype up,
    My second question is: Will it work well (is it balanced)
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    You could make something like this but I would recommend shying away from having the lasers flicker on and off, it may interrupt the flow too much. I'd recommend having one point open some of the lasers and the other point open the rest of them.

    Balance in this map would depend heavily on how it is designed. It would be very similar to CP_steel but with intelligence rather than a central control point. There would be a lot of things to consider when figuring out the balance. I could see this working well if designed properly.
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    I'm sure it's possible since there's a map like this whose name escape me at the moment (it's the one with the two castles and the cap point is above the intel), but it's for both teams and not just attack/defend (what I am assuming is what your idea is). Though I'm not sure if that castle map is the first one to do it, but it's the first map that I encountered that had that gametype. So if it works for that map, surely it can work for a/d, right?
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    Yeah that's possible. I personally like the idea of the flickers, the interrupted flow would work to give incentive to capture the other point, but I guess if other people don't like it...

    The new hud may work with it, but I'm not sure exactly how it works so it might not considering I'm assuming the cp's in it are capture zones, not actual control points.