Is there any way to enable mvm upgrades on a non-mvm map?

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L5: Dapper Member
Dec 30, 2015
Currently making a jump map for the pyro's new jetpack. I figured the map will have two stages, one ofr normal use and the other should have the upgrade from mvm which lets the pyro use the jetpack a second time while in air. Is there anyway to enable this upgrade without creating an tf_logic_mann_vs_machine?


Feb 14, 2010
Yeah it's not possible without a server plugin.

You can make the func_upgradestation in your map, and use the client command (through a point_clientcommand) currency_give to give cash to the player for use in the upgrade station, but seemingly without a tf_logic_mann_vs_machine present in the map on spawn these upgrades don't stick to the player.

There may end up being some hacky way to spoof that, I would look around for certain things how this plugin works on any map (its full zip includes the scripting/source files). Probably not for now though, unless valve wants to make it doable.

Maybe you could use a tf_logic_player_destruction to have mock 'currency' counters on each player, setting the points to win really high or just making it unwinnable some how else, and either:

  1. Using each func_capturezone's OnCapTeam1_PD type to give the whole team some buff, or maybe hit the !activator with a specific input that triggers condition-things, like FireUser1 - acquired on spawn/no targetname on the player.
  2. Using "OnRedScoreChanged <float> Send when score changes, and is a value representing total progress from [0..1]." detect how far along a team's score is and give them specific team buffs..

It wouldn't be 'mvm upgrades', but it could still give that feeling of acquiring upgrades by spending 'points'!


Sep 23, 2011
The alternative is unfeasible, since it is generally not possible to perform the upgrades as seen in mvm with the existing entities.


Party Time 2.0!
Jun 8, 2016
I made this jump map that uses dummy bots with money and upgrade stations.

You could do something similar, but instead of using a stage 2, just continue the same "stage" with the upgrade stations and bots available.