Is there a way to make a respawning sentry that doesn't count for points when broken?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by cjimmy99, Aug 5, 2013.

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    I'm making a map for Spy dueling and practicing general Spy skills, and I want to have a sentry room. However, I don't want Spies to be able to rack up points by just breaking the sentries over and over rather than practicing circle-strafing.

    Is there some way I can make it so breaking the sentries doesn't reward the player with any points? Thank you in advance.
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    You can make them invulnerable by setting a tick on that option in the flag section of the entity property list. Don't know if that makes them sapper proof, however.
  3. LeSwordfish

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    Use a brush of some kind to keep them away?
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    it doesn't. will have to do with leswordfish says and put up a playerclip brush or something similar to block em.

    but I don't think you can make one the right size to both prevent sapping but allow for close circle strafing. you could always do that melee hack to make players drop the sapper though right? I don't know if that still works. I never did it myself. The Asylum would know.