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    Simple question. Is there some sort of standard or preferred height of a room, or rise:run of staircases? IIRC, character models are ~128 in height, but 256 high walls and ledges just look massive.
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    256 isn't that high in TF2. The minimum height that I use is 192.
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    Stairs usually rise at a 2:3 ratio, climb:distance.

    Feel free to look at:

    As for height, 256 isn't really that tall (it just looks excessive at times), it's the height of the 2fort battlements i believe.

    If you're stuck, the best bet is to check out "sourcesdk_content/tf/mapsrc" in your steam folder and look for the vmf files beginning with sdk_ which are the pre-compiled versions of select official maps made by Valve. You can reference the heights used easily from them.
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    At one point I tried to create brushes that matched some stairway models- they had steps that were 4 high and 8 deep, with an identical spacing between them and a 45ยบ rise/run (basically lay down a step, go back 2, up 2, place another, back 2, up 2, place another, etc.), and it works without a hitch.

    As for heights, I believe the character models run about 80-something, with 96 being my default as that allows head clearance and also is the minimum height to set up a teleporter. Most of my walls run about 128 to 192 high; that's enough to allow a Scout to double jump and not hit the ceiling. A Scout using a FAN and double-jumping will reach about 204, meaning 256 will give plenty of space in any rooms where you're expecting lots of fighting; if you want to allow sticky jumps and rocket jumps, you'll probably want to put the ceiling up around 768 to 1024 or higher.
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