Is it possible to invert info_landmark values?

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    I am trying to create a circular room that when a player rocket jumps into the north west side he will pop out the south east side. To put it simply, he will pop out on the opposite side of the circle every time he runs into a wall. I attempted to do this by using 2 semi circles and 2 info_teleport_destinations, each pointing away from their respective semi circle. I then placed the info_landmark at the center of the circle as well. I assumed that when running into the wall the info_landmark value would get recorded, orient it self 180 degrees, with respect to the destination, and then it would pop out on the other side of the circle. info_landmark does not seem to change orientation in any way.

    So now I am trying to find out if it's possible to spit out the opposite numbers from info_landmark. Or possibly there is another way I am not seeing. Oh, I am also new to mapping.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. : )
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    That's actually the entire purpose of the entity: to preserve all orientation and translation. Without one the teleport lands using the info_teleport_destination's location and values.

    I think the only thing you could do is have a bunch of teleports all around the edge.