Invisible Wall Problem

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Lamech, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Just finalized my map but having one final problem.

    At a certain angle and small area in the middle of the map some walls and textures go invisible. I have no area portals or hint brushes anywhere.

    I've supplied some screen shots (1st being without the problem and the other 2 of the problem).

    Any help will be appreciated, I really would like to get this map on my server today :laugh:
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    That is weird. Check to make sure the brush is an actual world brush and not built with an entity tied to it. Click on the brush and go to properties and see what type of brush it actually is. If it's a true world brush, there should only be a visgroup tab at the top of the pop up window. If it has other tabs such as (output, input, model, flag) it probably is tied to an entity of some sort. Look through the visgroup info, you might be surprised. Sometimes people will build a wall from a "borrowed" brush which was tied to an entity and weird stuff can happen. Also make sure it's not grouped with some kind of entity, sometimes weird stuff happens when you do that also. For example, when you group an areaportal brush with some world brushes, I have seen Hammer leak the areaportal before. Not sure if that is a bug or happens all the time. Are there any skybox textures on that worldbrush, on the back or something? Last, check the fog setting on your fog controller but I doubt that is it. If all else fails, just build that brush again from scratch, don't take another brush and copy and paste and then resize it. Make sure you have the NO DRAW texture as default when you build the new brush, and then apply the wall texture to the faces you can see.
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    Your skybrush may be too close to the object causing it to clip through.
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    Check all the faces of that brush. Sometimes you can accidentally turn a face into a skybrush or some "invalid" textue, which can come with some pretty weird results, like turning the other side of thar brush invisible.
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    I used to have those problem before and it seems to be a compiler problem. I fixed it in my case by having a func_detail over it (which should be placed there in the end anyway - so i didnt have to find other solutions).

    The case of me:
    (this also happened when i was outside)

    I know in my case that i didnt make anything wrong and thats why i know its a compiler problem. Vvis just messed up there. Maybe having a hint brush on the area already fixes it. as the you force vvis to calculate the area diffirent.