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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gearloose, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Gearloose

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    Howdy. I haven't done much mapping since the Doom ][ days, but TF2 has totally captured me. I've been harvesting clues from these forums and the Valve ones for the last few weeks, and I finally signed up because I have a few questions to ask (in other threads). Thanks to all posters of tutorials and other useful information!

    I also go by Gearloose in-game and I don't frequent any particular servers - I just go where the ping is low and the maps are fun. My favorite Valve maps are Hydro, Dustbowl and Gravel Pit - I don't like Well and 2Fort much at all. There are a few non-Valve maps that are really terrific, but I can't recall their names at the moment.

    See you in the forums!
  2. DJive

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    welcome bud =) if your interested in mapping you should hang out in the chat, bunch of us always on willing to help. Best of luck!
  3. TheBladeRoden

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    Glad to have you with us, welcome to the group. Eeeeeeey! *thumbs up* Tut page is greaet, check chat for anything else.
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