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  1. DJive

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    With the resent scout addition's here is a new contest for members to detail their little digital hearts away with. Please read the rules and post any questions! *Note: this does not need to be a functional map just make it look "freakin' sweet".

    quoting Youme's post:

    • No size limits, just one intel room though, only extend entrances and exits as far as they need to get the idea. It doesn't even have to be a 'room' it can be outdoors if you want.
    • Make sure there's at least one spawn point so people can take a look at it ingame but you don't need a spawn room, just stick it in the middle of the room.
    • Nothing needs to be functional, just make sure there is at least an intel model!
    • Custom models/props/textures/overlays are allowed
    • You'll need at least one screenshot, please make it roughly (no strict limits) between 800x600 and 1024x768 and as high a quality gfx settings as you can manage.
    • People are allowed to download your .vmf and use it in their maps as prefab. That's the risk you have to take! * With credit*
    • Submit your .vmf, .bsp and two screenshots before 20 March 2009 in the upload thread! (Make sure your submission is named Intel_room_contest_<your forum name>_<entry number>.bsp)
    • Only 2 entries are allowed for each mapper.
    Whilst I'd encourage you to go down the spytechy route, its entirely up to you which way you take this. It could be interesting to see some egyptian intel areas...

    Please Follow/post/respond to this thread here:

    ***Mapping Contest #7 Intel Room***

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  2. GrimGriz

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    Omg what are prizes?
  3. Armadillo of Doom

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    I believe this counts as a mini-contest, which means no prizes. Just for the sake of generating some new prefabs, and giving authors w/ writers block a way to pass the time ;)
  4. TheBladeRoden

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    Spawnroom contest? What?
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