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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by red_flame586, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Blu has discovered a top secret, red intelligence gathering base in the mountains. Your mission, either join team blu and capture points while heading towards their main database and capturing it, or join team red and protect the database until the information can be transported to an of site location in the pacific ocean.

    This is my second map release. It is a control point map in the style of Gravelpit. Where blue must capture point A and B before unlocking point C.

    Point B and C are indoors where point A is outdoors.

    Please give constructive criticism on how I can improve this map including pointing out problems with it and ideas on how to fix it, as well as how it plays. I am happy to take all problems no matter how small, I think that there are a few places that are see through so if people could help me find that, that would help a lot.

    I am also aware of the problem with the floors and some of the roofs being all shiny, and if anyone can give me ideas on how I can fix it, I would be very appreciative.

    I haven't finished doing all the detailing and ideas would be appreciated.


    • Initial Release

    • Fixed some clipping
    • Changed texturing of CP bases
    • Fixed blue door not opening

    • texturing
    • added rooms to stop red getting into blue's base
    • created a door to the point C that only opens when both points a and b have been capped
    • detailing
    • created another path from floor of point C up to the top
    • created a no build outside red's spawn
    • put a nobuild in one of the doors to point C
    • fixed problem where time wouldn't increase after cap
    • improved lighting
    • built cubemaps
    • made a few changes to the shipping containers in point B
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    I clicked on your signiture. Whaaaa no posts? Gee. Are you still working on this? Shall I do a review of it?
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    Big skip to beta you have there. How much testing did you map get?

    On the topic of testing, stick around in the TF2M chat (link is at the top of the page), or just sign up for the upcoming gamedays (in the events section of the forum)
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    What point is that in the first picture? It could use some signage.
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