Input on a 3 Point AD map? (Bad/Good idea?)

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently designing a 3 point AD style map with roman aspects, and I just wanna check if theoretically that is okay. I'm basically just brain storming here & I came up with some sketches for the 3 CPs; alongside the types of spawn buildings. Feel free to voice your own ideas/advice/critiques!

    The overall design is a Roman Town; where the Blus are trying to invade & capture a roman church. (I'm fleshing out how to keep the map story consistent with Tf2's but overall I'm sticking with a Greco-Roman architect style). The progression is a simple Point A, Point B, and Point C; in which, the players cap A then B and finally C.

    [​IMG] TF2Maps-Concept Art_AD_Greco-Roman_Nethy.png ^--
    The spawn rooms are themed like this:
    • CP 1:
      • Blu: Start thru a Barn/farm area & makes way to Aquaduct
      • Red: Spawn either a barracks i.e Whiterun's gate barracks (ESV)
    • CP 2:
      • Blu: spawn closer to CP 1 (Maybe a guard tower/merchant building?)
      • Red: Stay in Barracks or move back
    • Cp 3:
      • Blu: Stays the same
      • Red: Spawn in the church-behind the cross
    The map, I think, would transistion scenery like so:
    • Farm Area -> Cp1: Aquaduct Archway -> Town setting --> Cp2: Market Square --> Church entrance --> Cp3: Large Church Interior

    Here are my basic questions/ideas & feel free to input your thoughts on any of them c:

    1.) Conceptually would a 3 point work/be a good idea?
    • My main fears are that AD meta is a 2 point system works because it is short & quick; and I'm afraid a 3 point AD map would be either too long or become tedious for the players after capturing point 2.
    2.) How large would you recommend a 3 point AD map generally be?
    • Should it be just a tad larger than a 2 CP A/D map or be larger/longer i.e around length of Badwater's 2nd to last point.
    3.) In a farm setting, how would avoid a flat plane?
    • The idea of the map was to start outside by a rural farm area (i.e Church behind walls & beyond the walls is the farm land). But I can't see a way to intergrate a wheat field area/ farm land without it lacking height variance (I mean farms are kinda designed to be flat). Any ideas?
    • I thinking of maybe having the wheat fields be the background prop; while, Blus just spawn by a farmhouse/barn & merely traverse a hill to get to the Aquaduct CP.
    4.) In a town map setting, how would suggest to organize the area?
    • I'd like to keep the town setting controlled/dense to avoid confusion-- meaning streets/alleys, but how I avoid spammy choke points/ sightlines? Any suggestions or maps I could reference of a town/market-esque map setting?
    5.) For a A/D map-- How should the push/hold mechanic be designed for the last point?
    • Basically how hard or how much of an advantage should the Reds have? or should Blus get an advantage?
    • Usually; would that mean giving Reds the high ground or keep the level relatively equal for sides with minor variations?
    6.) For a last point interior-- How much space is needed?
    • The church can definitely be like a cathedral size; but I'm struggling to figure out how big the last CP should be & what I need to accommodate.
    • Overall I'd like it to:
      • have open space to run around (Probably have Pews be disorganized/ pushed to the edges of the church with a few being used as cover).
      • Some degree of sticky/rocket jumping potential
      • Find a balance of openness/cover (Most cathedrals are like ovals & kinda wondering how to avoid sightlines).
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post & even more thanks if you decided to voice your own opinion!
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    For your 3 cp ad gameplay related questions I'd suggest looking at cp_mountainlab
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    I can't believe I overlooked Mountain lab because it was a capture point map...

    Thank you so much! c: