info_player_teamspawn can't be enabled/disabled?

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    Hi all,

    So during the 72hour jam I had the brilliant idea of remaking shipment from Call of Duty Modern Warfare,
    Which is most likely the result of a severe lack of sleep and listening to Scatman John non-stop for 72 hours.

    HOWEVER: Now that the map has been made and tested I ran into a issue. info_player_teamspawn seems to hate being enabled / disabled and I spent a good 8 ~ 14 hours trying to make the logic work to no avail.

    helper.png helper1.png helper2.png

    In this test I made a group of teamspawns called port and there are supposed to enable / disable when I was touching the trigger, however this is not the case and I had to
    embarrass myself and die to some bots. (I made sure that the trigger is firing by making a sound play. So that's why there is an ambient_generic)
    The conclusion I made is that the teamspawns are funky and I can't get them to enable/disable.

    If you know of a solution, please tell me.


    - Tango