info_lighting lit static_prop not lit on all sides?

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    I am having trouble getting static props lit with a info_lighting to be evenly lit. I am using DasMatze's Gold Bar Prop and I have tied all of them to the same info_lighting, which itself is in a off-map box.

    I tried placing my desired light source at the same coordinates as the info_lighting, which didn't work. Now I have the info_lighting surrounded on 6 sides with the light, but I get this:

    One side of the props get lit by the info_lighting, but the rest are not. What can I do to fix this? I want the props to have their own slight glow (more specifically I want them to just look like polished gold)

    Just for reference, I have tried compiling on 'Normal' and in Expert with "-ldr -StaticPropPolys -StaticPropLighting", both give me the same results.
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