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[INFO]: Payload Track Lengths in Badwater for Reference

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by craftyknave, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. craftyknave

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    So I'm about ready to put together a map that I will complete and release, having spent some several months toying with Hammer and trying stuff out on my own, and I thought, inspired by the contest here, I'd do a payload map (even though it probably won't be ready for the contest).

    I couldn't find this information anywhere so I went through the decompiled Badwater and made some notes of how long the track is at different sections for my own reference, and share it below. Distances are not exact but are pretty close, and are based on the length of the track in hammer units.

    Payload Start to CP A: 3500
    CP A to CP B: 1650
    CP B to CP C: 2600
    CP C to Final Terminus: 2400
    Total Payload track length: 9650

    and some key game areas that I thought were worth noting:

    Tunnel approaching CP A: ~2000 (bends about 600 units from the start)
    straightaway approach to CP B after the cart turns the corner: 650
    From the top of the final hill to the final terminus: ~1250

    I have a few other breakdowns noted so if there's something specific you're curious about, feel free to ask if I have it. I figured these are the most useful measurements.
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  2. Scotland Tom

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    A very helpful post! I actually did the same thing for myself, though I came up with some slightly different values. I used good ol' Pythagoras to figure out the diagonal length of the curves. Here are the lengths I came up with:

    Start to A: 3481 or ~13-14 lengths of 256 straight track
    A to B: 2132 or ~8 lengths
    B to C: 3125 or ~12 lengths
    C to Final: 2825 or ~ 11 lengths

    I'm not sure why the big disparity exists in our "A to B" and "B to C" measurements. I thought I was pretty accurate, but perhaps I'll have to check again.
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