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    I have recently added this info to my site, and i think it would be good for any mapper to understand this concept, good for any beginner or those who haven't read the information.
    The video is 75mb , you can click the link for a streaming view, or right click and save as, to view later. As this may not be the most productive tutorial for your maps, the knowledge and understanding of this concept will help alot when creating custom content and materials. I have also been working on a photoshop plugin to help in the production of custom materials in tf2, hopefuly i can make it available soon!


    Video Tutorial:
    TF2 Illustrative Rendering Video Tutorial: AVI

    Released Docs:
    TF2 Illustrative Rendering Pdf Part One: PDF
    TF2 Illustrative Rendering Pdf Part Two: PDF
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    Sah-weet. I only just started reading up on custom textures, models, etc. You dah man :)