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[Info] Halloween Entities: What's New?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by lana, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. lana

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    I'm currently in the process of investigating the entities included with the Halloween special. Here's what I've dug up so far:

    Various usages. It can freeze players, strip their weapons (humiliation style), project particles over them (only one right now), and can slow them down. Flags are the same as all other triggers, and it supports a targetname, parentname, filtername, and can be Enabled/Disabled.

    Note: Heavies can still melee, spin their minigun, and drop sanviches while stunned.

    trigger_delay: A float value, how long the player needs to be in the brush to get affected.
    move_speed_reduction: A float value, the max speed attainable by players within the brush. It is a percentage of 450, so 0.5 would set the max speed possible to 225.
    stun_type: An integer, the type of stun used. 0 = None, 1 = Sandman, 2 = Fear/Humiliation
    stun_effects: An integer, display the fear particles above a player? 0 = No, anything else = Yes
    stun_duration: A float value, how long a player is stunned for after leaving the brush (in seconds.)

    OnStunPlayer: Called when a player is stunned by this trigger.

    So let's say you want some stuff to spawn randomly. That's cool with Valve now. One spawn manager allows you to randomly select spawn locations at your discretion. Supports targetname (required).

    drop_to_ground: An integer, determines whether the entity falls immediately to the ground on spawn. 0 = Float, 1 = Drop
    entity_count: An integer, the maximum entities that can spawn from this manager.
    entity_name: What entity to spawn. This supports pretty much everything, including healthkits, ammopacks, and pumpkins!
    rotation_random: An integer, spawn with a random angle. 0 = ( 0, 0, 0 ), 1 = random
    respawn_time: How long it takes to respawn after destruction or pickup.

    Place these for spawning your spawn manager stuff.

    spawn_manager_name: The name of the associated spawn_manager.

    Healthkit/Ammopack Model Replacements
    You can now change the model of any healthkit or ammopack. The keyvalue is powerup_model, but it's in the FGD anyway. Note that the keyvalue doesn't have access to the model browser yet. Leave it blank to stay default. The new models are:
    models\props_halloween\pumpkin_loot.mdl (Candy!)

    What's the Critical Candy's Entity?
    tf_ammo_pack. But it doesn't work. It's hardcoded into TF2 and probably can't be replicated without a lot of tinkering.

    More bone chilling entity info to come... [sound of candy]
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  2. grazr

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    Interesting, i never anticipated that they would move over the entity spawner/manager from the original FGD over to TF2's. But having played harvest_event, it plays so smoothly and naturally.
  3. Penguin

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    Very awesome. I really want the crit candy though.

    Prehaps they'll add a crtit powerup for mappers to use?
  4. FlavorRage

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    Crit powerups would be awesome! But I imagine they would create a lot of camping around their spawnpoints.
  5. Pseudo

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    also, trigger_stun has a OnStunPlayer output
  6. lana

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    Added to the first post.
  7. Terr

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    The droppable crit powerups are pretty interesting in their effects. If you see one, you have to balance whether you should let an enemy get it or whether you want to grab it, and whether you want to grab it ASAP or wait slightly.
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