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[INFO] About team respawn settings (its also the fix if yours failed to work)

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by UKCS-Alias, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. UKCS-Alias

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    As i have seen alot of times (and previously also in my maps) people have the problem that a spawn - even when its set for the red team only - also works for blue. It might sound like a bug or something random but there is a clear reason why this happens. Even multistage maps have this problem but many times mappers fix the problem without knowing they do that.

    Anyway, ill explain why these 'bugs' happen so i hope in the future you wont have to mess with it and wonder why it doesnt work. Ill do this by explaining the 2 respawn setup options.

    Option 1 - Using the default red/blue/both settings
    These options are used when there is no round in the map. This means that you have to setup everything using the team_control_point_master. As this is the easiest way to set them up its best to use them in single staged maps that do not need a team_control_point_round (when you do you are forced using option 2). So any map that is like gravelpit, granary, well or 2fort can use this way. Further, by using these type of respawns you are able to change the owner of the respawn during the 'round' (this is the round controlled by the master hence the quotes) while the round based ones cannot do this. This makes these respawns ideal for domination maps also or any map where you can take over enemy respawn areas.

    Option 2 - Using the round based settings
    These are the 'Red Respawn room for round x' and 'Blue Respawn room for round x' settings. These are used whenever you play the map using a team_control_point_round and override the default red/blue/both setting. When you are using the team_control_point_round but do not set these values in any respawn entity, the engine fixes this by making all respawns work for all players (as when you dont have respawns your map crashes which the compiler already tries to prevent *). So when you use a round you are forced to use this way.

    * Note: You can test this by making a map without a respawn. You will get a leak but there wont be made any pointfile and your map wont give any hint where the problem is.
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  2. Little Dude

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    Okay I did what you said to do, but now in my 3 point map, I can only cap one point and the others say preceding point not owned. when I never set a preceding point for that one.
  3. sodalish

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    This is helpful in tracking down where the problem may be but if others are as I am, example files are always a big help. Great up - keep going!
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