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A Map made for a stealth gamemode

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    Inf_Gronzni - A Map made for a stealth gamemode

    This is something I wanted to work on for a long time, the inspiration for this was a Source mod I once saw called Jaykin' Bacon. I thought to myself "How could this look like in TF2?" Well, I dont know, but I do think that a stealth based mode, custom or not, would be pretty good. So why not work on a map that you can test the idea on.

    I hope I can find the balance between artstyle and gameplay because I dont want it to look like a serious military complex. I might also screw this up and/or people find the map/idea not good, which wont stop me from working on the map because I want to see how far I can go with this map. At the same time I try give alot of options for infiltration, you can take a dangerous climb around the mountain, climb pipes and land on the roof or take the vents or you could knock on the front door and ask them to let you in.

    And also some screenshots of course