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    Hi, I i'll introduce myself in this way, because it's easier to read.
    Name: Siewart (just my 1st name, my surname is way to long IMO)
    Country: Netherlands
    City: Twello
    Age: The age of weed and whiskey. (18)
    Current Projects:
    - The Pl_Contest ( :p )
    - "A custom fun game mode" (more details soon)
    - "Another custom game mode" (based on Arena, more details this week)
    - My site (Working on the Photoshop to HTML step//maybe with a php-based showcase script)
    - "A CSS AWP_Map called "AWP_Garden" (Nearly Finished, but has some graphical bugs and needs a better balance)
    Finished projects (all source games): 0
    WNF (Will not Finish) maps: over 20 (I only play (test) maps on the Inet that are IMO perfect)
    Hobbies: Playing my Guitar, Listening music, mapping ect. , gaming, tabletennis.
    Fav bands: Nirvana -> Foo Fighters -> Queens of the Stone Age, Rammstein, Linkin Park, Disturbed, System of a Down ect. (
    Fav map: 2Fort
    Fav class: Demo
    Fav Weapon: Sniper -> I was trapped in my spawn area (rest of my team left), the enemy camped with a Medic/Heavy (overhealed ofc) and 2 soldiers. So I took sniper zoomed and maxed my dmg, walked to the gate, till it opened. *BOOM HEADSHOT!->Watch a Heavy dying >retreat*. My reward: the 2 soldiers on my team :).
    Steam-Account: Z33W13R
    -I've been on the site a few of times now, and I agree that this is the #1 TF2 mapping community site. -> I joined.
    - I joined this site to share my thoughts and maybe do a few maps with other people.
    -I'm a perfectionist I'm trying to be a perfectionist. So if even if you see a very small (graphical) bug -> Report! I'll try to do the same.
    - You can always ask me for help, I like to solve difficult (or not really difficult) things!
    -I will finish my accountsettings asap, don't worry! :p

    I hope everything was understandable because I don't think my English is good enough.

    And please remind me that I'm not the best and most brilliant man on the world, even if a think/pretend to be him. (I wouldn't exist if I was "the best and most brilliant man on the world")

    My Signature will say Greetzzzzzz (or something) , soon :p

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    Hey welcome to the site, look up the steam group called "Team fortress 2 mappers" and join the chat if you need help

    PS: We krijgen steeds meer nederlanders, volgens mij hebben we meer nederlanders dan UK'ers :D