inb4 invisible water.

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    At first map is fullbright because lights just don't want to work i have no idea why. (i didin't made map from start just continuing it)

    Can't i just have damn water without any reflections or anything.

    Im looking at water:


    Im inside water (it works):


    I tried with lights it's same + lights didn't worked at all.

    EDIT: got this in last compile: "Too many detail brush faces, max = 65536" Could anyone explain more?
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    The error message is pretty obvious. There are too many brush faces that are marked as detail geometry. Look for brushes with silly high face counts. Either remove them, simplify them or make them models.

    As for the water issue, you need a sealed lit map for water to work. No exceptions. You didn't post the compile log so we can't be absolutely sure, but it is a safe assumption that you have a leak.
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    But before you resort to that, try just reducing the amount of detail in the map. Chances are, if you're over the maximum limit for detail brushes, your map is either humongous or way too busy.

    Although, didn't they randomly reduce the brush limits a while back for no apparent reason? To like less than even some official maps have?