In & Out - Detailing Contest 2021

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    InandOut.png Rules and Information | Upload Thread | Voting Instructions​

    How long has it been since the last time you've been able to just.. go wild? To let concepts of gameplay balance drift away? Worry not, for this is the chance you've been waiting for!

    Unsurprisingly, like all of our previous detailing contests, this one also has a theme: In & Out!
    Basically, this time around your scene must include both a major indoor and outdoor area.

    • 4096x4096 size. No height limit. This size limit only includes the areas players can access as well as any 'out of bounds' areas.
    • 3D skybox is allowed.
    • Custom content is allowed as long as it fits one or both of the following criteria: It is made entirely by yourself, or available for public download prior to the start of the contest.
    • Collaborations are not allowed.
    • Maximum of two entries per person.
    • Your map must be TF2 styled.
    • Your map must be playable in TF2.
    • Your submission MUST follow this naming convention: inandout_<forum name>.bsp (If your forum name is absurdly long, please abbreviate where you can)
      • If you submit two entries, add a _2 to your second entry.
    • Everything must be finished and submitted in the upload thread before the deadline! Upload thread will be up a couples weeks prior to the deadline and you are allowed to submit any time within that period, and update your entry as many times as necessary before the deadline.
    • If you're confused as to whether the indoor/outdoor space of your map qualifies, remember that the idea is to go with the spirit of the theme, if you have to ask, it probably doesn't qualify.

    The contest begins as of this post.

    The deadline is 8:00AM 13th September 2021 GMT+0

    Please see below for local time

    PST -- 1:00 AM, 13th September 2021
    MST -- 2:00 AM,
    13th September 2021
    EST -- 4:00 AM, 13th September 2021
    BST -- 9:00 AM, 13th September 2021

    CST/SGT/AWST -- 4:00 PM, 13th September 2021
    JST/KST -- 5:00 PM, 13th September 2021

    AEST -- 6:00 PM, 13th September 2021
    NZST -- 6:00 PM, 13th September 2021


    Submission Format:

    In your submission (in the submission thread, Will be posted at a later date):
    • A link to your .bsp in the naming format above. Please compress your map also.
    • Please make sure ALL content is packed into your BSPs, but please make sure it follows the custom content rules above. I recommend CompilePal or VIDE.
    • Provide a short description of your map along with a screenshot.

    (Prizes available as either Steam or Credit)

    First place:
    $100 USD
    Mapper's Medallion

    Second place:
    $60 USD

    Third place:
    $40 USD


    What can we map? What's with the theme? Can I get clarifications?
    You can map anything so as long as it abides by the rules. This is a rather broad theme so most maps you create should be able to qualify. As long as you make the effort to try and create both a major interior and major exterior environment, you should be fine. Of course, if you have any further questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

    Can we detail an existing map (ie. dev textures)?
    Yes, as long as it fits within the size constraints and was made by you, and has had no previous detail work done.

    Does the 3d skybox also have to be inside the 4096x4096 space?
    No, the skybox can be as small or as large as you like.

    Will sound in the map also be judged as detail?
    The judging process at the end of the contest is essentially players wandering through maps and voting on whichever they liked best. So you should add anything that would help improve the 'experience' of the map. This includes logic, sound, animations, etc.

    Can I donate to the prize stash?
    Of course! This would be highly appreciated, but not at all required.
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    i've had a banger idea for a map theme for so long and i think it will fit this contest well. really excited to see what everyone does!
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    Since the contest ends in mid-September, which is *just* outside Scream Fortress season, I'm gonna use this as an excuse to make that urban-themed event map I keep saying people should do.

    After all, Scream Fortress detailing is stuck fast in "spooky hwitch town" area, but there are so many different 'scary' themes people can choose from!
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    Now we're talking
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    Good luck and have fun everyone! I haven't touched hammer in almost half a year so this should be a great excuse.
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    I've been practicing detailing for a while now and I've learned a couple of ways to really make an environment pop! Looking forward to this contest.
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    Awaken, my SDK
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    Oh wow I'm glad I checked back here, I can't wait to cobble together something for this contest (and not have to worry about my poor gameplay flow in this map)
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