In & Out - Detailing Contest 2021 [RESULTS]

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  1. Suna

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    Positive Ratings:

    1st Place:
    @Mattie - 95.6 Points!

    2nd Place:
    @Fiddleford - 80.7 Points!

    3rd Place:
    @Stack Man - 78.2 Points!

    1st Mattie 95.6 Best sound (tie) / Best attention to detail
    2nd Fiddleford 80.7 Best style
    3rd Stack_Man 78.2
    4th DrSquishy 69.3
    5th TurnsIntoCroc 67.6
    6th Dotmd 66.9
    7th YoshiMario 65.7
    8th Averyc1876 56 Best sound (tie)
    9th Pdan4 40.5 Most creative
    10th Punnamesardum 37.2
    11th Swagmeister 34.9
    12th Olikat 27.5
    13th Evynbktothbse 22.5

    Scoring spreadsheet available here.

    Congratulations to all those who entered! There were some really outstanding entries this time around, and while not all of them were finished, they were often still impressive nonetheless!

    I will be contacting the winners for their prizes within the next few days.
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  2. Punn Ames Ardum

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    Positive Ratings:
    Top Ten! I wasn't able to say thanks for the feedback before the review thread closed, but thank you very much!
    The main thing is that I needed to tone down the lighting and shouldn't of forgot HDR lighting. I was a bit afraid that it was going to be to dark, so I guess that wasn't founded. I'll do a HDR compiles more instead of relying on Fast and Default compiles when I see if the lighting is good.

    With the non-lighting issues is the too-bumpy snow/displacements, after looking over it I agree. I got caught up in trying to sew the displacements instead of seeing if they actually look right.

    Not having enough detail was also an issue, and I didn't realize the computer terminals where 2 different props! Can't believe I didn't see that, that's what tiredness does to you. Having a bit more posters on the walls and having more cargo when of been a good idea.

    I'm also glad that people liked how it looped, yet to some it felt a bit gamey with no entrances/exits on the outside, and I see that it really would feel better if there was some sort of train tunnel or closed station so it felt like it connected a bit more. And I should of thought more about how that room with the skylight felt, I originally wanted it to feel more like a lobby, but with how close it was to the spytech stuff it was too much of a steep transition.

    I also understand that I probably should have gone a bit more diverse on the textures, though I'm glad that some realized that I wasn't going for a Blu/Red base; I was more thinking about Gray Mann when I was building the base. Though I shouldn't have relied so heavily on the same walls.

    Thanks again for the feedback, and thanks for reading!
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