Model In need of basic model [Naval mine]

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    Hey all,
    I'm currently working on a contest map for GameBanana.con and I'm in a bit of a pickle for a main centre point for my map (well one of them anyway).

    To cut to the chase, I'm in need of a model of a naval mine such as seen below:

    I did have someone else working on a model for me, but they've recently dropped out on me, so I'm in need of a new model (his old work:

    This will need to be a fairly sized model and detailed moderately well, I've already prepared a mock-up texture to cut down on time but adjustments are obviously fine.

    If you'd like to take me up on this then either leave a comment or contact me on steam (

    Some current screenshots for the map in question (To fill up space :p)
    Full size:

    Full size:

    And a WiP to go along with these;