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Improved Grappling Hook Physics Prefab a1a

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Apr 18, 2017
Improved Grappling Hook Physics Prefab - TF2's default grappling hook physics suck.

TF2's grappling hook physics suck by default, so I attempted a fix based more on Titanfall 2's hooks, preserving player look direction/momentum.

It works by parenting a trigger_push to a player, enabling when the player grapples and steering their velocity based on their look position.

  • Works on laggy connections (150-300 ping)
  • Works without point_servercommand
  • Works for any number of players
  • Configurable to work with any setup

Known issues (as of a1a):
  • Because it propels players forward, grappling is generally faster, especially when aiming at the grapple target: this can be made far more natural by changing the server cvar tf_grapplinghook_move_speed to 400-500
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