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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by ades, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. ades

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    my second completed map (hopefully the name has not been taken yet)
    current state is king of the hill but i plan on making it control point depending on how this one turns out

    tell me what you think
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  2. PC's_Frank

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    I like the layout. The point being in an enclosed space surrounded by an open one looks like it could make for some interesting combat.
  3. puxorb

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    This looks really nice for an alpha. I will have a download an check things out.
  4. fauks

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  5. Zed

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    What's the problem with Process?

    The crates at mid don't seem to be positioned anywhere they couldn't have reasonably been lifted onto.
  6. cat

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    Really nice map. One change to make, in the indoor lighting try making props from where the light comes from, and for indoor lighting use lightspots. However, places where you have a window you can have a regular light there because it's telling that light is coming from outside.
  7. HQDefault

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    Pro level of map making right here :D
  8. MapLode Ryaun

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    This is a really nice Alpha map

    + The map looked really nice :)

    + Very nice Layout

    + Rollouts on Soilder, Demo were very nice, but a little pain with the wall there, if I was a demo on competitive in the way back corner I'd be screwed.

    -[​IMG] For sake of Competitive this narrow here can be a tiny bit larger, i barely can make my way with scout, it's not a necessary but for the sake of fluency nice to change that.

    [​IMG] So when I come straight out of spawn I notice this huge unused area, maybe do something with it or shrink it? This means more walking and longer time to the point.

    [​IMG] This right here looks kinda derpy, the cargo crates are together like that kinda adds more complexity in more of a bad way, I have very little room once i go through the door on the other side so maybe reconsider this area of the map. If it was my decision I'd put a car inside of there and remove the cargo crates. Here's another picture from the other side.

    [​IMG] So this is the same area again XD, the two doors kinda make it more complicated, like i'd before maybe remove the crates put a car in there remove that top left door so the player can decide go bottom or top.

    Overall with the tiny little tweaks that will help make this RC and Beta this is a damn fine looking Alpha map. This overall is my favorite of my Alpha maps keep the good work and I'll stay tuned.

    Rating: Alpha Map, 4.2 out of 5

    PS. Sorry for really large pictures :/, starting to use pics so I'll figure something out!

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