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Images on custom mission briefing (chalkboard) not working, help?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by studio2a, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. studio2a

    studio2a L1: Registered

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    I have followed this tutorial:

    attempting to have custom images on my mission briefing, but just no luck. Only a purple/black checker box (we all know what that means...).

    If anyone has a link to a good tutorial, would be great to have- thanks!

    **Exact steps I went through so far:

    -create image in photoshop
    -save as TGA, 32bit uncompressed
    -convert to VTF
    -create VMT per tutorial link above
    -place in "...username\team fortress 2\tf\materials\vgui\maps"
    -used Pakrat to place in BSP

    No worky!

    Thanks all :)
  2. eerieone

    aa eerieone

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    you vmt has to have the same name as the map

    lets say your map is called "ctf_notanothervalvemap_a1"
    then your vmt has to be "menu_photos_ctf_notanothervalvemap_a1.vmt"

    the lines in the vmt should be like this
    (replace the ? with dollarsign)

    name you vtf accordingly to the filename in "basetexture"

    place both vmt and vtf in VGUI/maps

    two times or so i had a corrupt vmt or not properly working vtf, check in VTF if it is fine and if the alphachannel is working
    additionally check the console if it pops up any red messages about the files in question (wrong format, etc...)
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  3. (s2a) yahodahan

    (s2a) yahodahan L3: Member

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    thanks eerieone, didn't think to check the console for errors on that-

    ended up creating the VTF using the 'ol "vtex.exe" shortcut, instead of being fancy and saving it out via Photoshop plugin. Worked fine after that...funky. :)
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