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    Hello TF2Maps.net, I already love this community as you guys treated my stupid question very nicely. Thank you a lot for it and in advance.

    My English is awkwardly formal and clumsy but it's because I've been forced to study this language in that way. I'm a chill friendly Asian guy. I don't take A's like crazy. I wish I could express it in text.

    I want to make maps for jumpers. First, I like jumping; I play TF2 using the Market Gardener (please watch my play) in pl_hightower and sd_doomsday all the time. I like these maps because they have a large open space in the middle with tall and low objects around it, which makes jumping fun and creative. Especially doomsday is my favorite because of the nice slops everywhere in the map. Second, I believe that more players of TF2 in the future will be jumping, because Overwatch will sure suck up casual players who don't care of meta skills like jumping. TF2 then will want some more maps that favor jumping, like hightower and doomsday, out of jump maps. So my maps will be interesting to play as a jumper, and of course I will consider the other classes as well for the fairness.

    I want to make it "Japanese" if possible. I'm not satisfied with all the Japanese-themed maps that are not really Japanese-themed seen by Asians, especially me from Japan. I know they had to cut off some identities for game performance but it still looks too wrong to be called Japanese-themed. I think I can do a better job in this field because I'm native. Please see my artwork in Minecraft for reference. So I think my maps will be spontaneously somewhat or totally Japanese-themed. I don't know how it's applicable yet tho.

    Additionally... I have used only Maya and Unreal for 3D modeling and am still learning. I'm decent at painting (please see Others section in the above Imgur link). Also I've programmed with all major languages including C++ (I can't show off those products in public for very delicate reasons).

    So I believe I can bring something new here. But I'm not very confident when it comes to the game balance and things like that, and there I will definitely need your help to go through those problems. I'm making a trial map right now, which is still conceptual art, and I will post the overview once it's worth for you to take a look at. I may ask a thousand questions even before that.

    Thank you in advance again. You guys are awesome
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    Hightower is considered a "bad" map here, but your plan sounds interesting, however, a japanese theme pack made by freyja is available http://japan.tf2maps.net/ this should save you some effort.
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    Well welcome to the forums. Like Felix said we have a content pack for Japanese architecture so have fun with all that. If you want links to tutorials there's a lot here on the forums and on youtube, specifically for TF2 and hammer in general.
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    Welcome to the site! Glad it's already made a good impression on you!