I'm making a new map! Help decide what it'll be like.

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L2: Junior Member
Aug 2, 2017
I'm working on a new map, and I'd love some help to decide what it'll be like. Please respond any ideas and such here as well, because I can't decide what I want to do, there's so many possibilities.
There's the poll. Thanks!


L4: Comfortable Member
Apr 11, 2016
As much as it's fun to let others decide, getting a map to a properly finished state takes a long loong time so the theme, mode etc should be something you're motivated to do and keep working on.


we've all had better times to die
Feb 10, 2017
What themes do you like? I love snowy and industrial type things, so I might make a map based on those. Just choose a gamemode you like, and let the map evolve to fit the theme and gamemode as it goes on


L2: Junior Member
Feb 22, 2013
You know u could just make a poll here
They probably went with google forms because it has more options than the forum polls.

Also I think you should go with your gut feeling on this, you might end up not liking what people picked out for you and quit working on the map mid-way through development.

But if you don't care about that then I'd suggest a snowy industrial KOTH map set in the day.