I'm leaving this communtity forever

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Prosciutto, Jul 5, 2019.

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    I'm gonna keep this short but i'm gonna leave this community for several reasons which i'm not gonna state, long story short a lot of people dont like me and if i have to be honest, i really dont like a lot of people on the server aswell. i originally wanted to call out a few people but decided not to. Not like it will change my reputation since it was terrible anyway.

    Regarding my account on the site, i dont really care if it gets deleted but sludgepit gets removed aswell but eh the nobody cared about the map anyway. but i guess if someone wants to keep it alive just put it somewhere else and credit asg_alligator atleast, (also i will leave the discord after posting this thread)

    also regarding the Minecraft servers, While i did make the fred statues as a funny joke while i was bored, i did not make the lag machine, i dont know who made it.

    So uh you will probably never see me again so bye!
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    I wasn't aware you had people who didn't like you. I always thought you were a cool guy.

    If you wanna leave, that's your choice; I just hope you've thought it through.
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