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    raw transcript: http://pastebin.com/e8sSeiAt

    Someone was recording demos I guess those can be posted in this thread

    here's some highlights from text

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to tc_hydro --

    *DEAD* iikka: it's been forever since I last played this map haha
    Randdalf: this must've been a pain to make
    iikka: I did spend a lot of time on it

    <Penguin> What were you thinking when you designed the hydro dish point?
    iikka: that location was originally based on the Arecibo radio telescope
    *DEAD* Randdalf: the one from goldeneye?
    iikka: it was just a cool thing to make.. it was in a james bond movie yeah

    <Penguin> Why did you make the actual capture point so tiny in contrast to the massive dish?
    *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: if you knew back then that this map will turn out rather underplayed, what would you have done differently?
    iikka disconnected (iikka timed out).

    Seba: what is your favourite snack from the Valve snack bar
    iikka: haha
    iikka: it's hard there are so many
    Seba: do you prefer to eat healthy or the unhealthy stuffs
    iikka: more healthy stuff... odwalla is like a liquid snack

    Erich: Was barnblitz your map, or was it that new guy's map? Dario said it was yours on his day
    iikka: no, barnblitz is from the community

    Nova| Replays are better!: iikka, My question is....How do you feel when you hear someone's doesn't like your map?
    iikka: usually I try to figure out what they don't like

    (in response to asking if he's mapping for tf2)
    iikka: not at the moment, I'm working on some counter-strike stuff
    Seba: is there anything major comiing to CSS?
    iikka: can't really comment right now

    *DEAD* Snacks: Doing anything with DOTA 2?
    *DEAD* iikka: sometimes
    *DEAD* iikka: I play archer a lot

    *DEAD* Seba: what is one thing about today's TF2 that you stronlgy disagree with?
    iikka: strongly disagree? hmm
    iikka: I think one disadvantage it has is that it's become much more complex and maybe harder for new players for that reason

    iikka: arena is kind of a throwback to a quake mod called rocket arena.. I don't think that style of play is very popular these days
    iikka: I like it in short bursts, like just deathmatching for a bit

    Seba: waht is your stance on community theme packs, like Swamp, Construction, and Bullet Crops
    iikka: on the community theme pack thing, I like the idea a lot

    Seba: have you downloaded the Construction Pack, Iikka?
    iikka: haven't downloaded it, no

    Fr0z3n: Have you played arena_hardhat at all?
    iikka: no, I don't really play tf2 a lot these days

    (regarding favorite map)
    iikka: haha that's a loaded question
    iikka: I'll pick a community-ish map - the last halloween map was awesome

    Seba: what's your opinion on CTF, Iikka?
    iikka: I like CTF enough that I tried to improve on 2fort

    Nova| Replays are better!: iikka Do you like playing your own maps?
    iikka: I do like playing them, it's like building a house and then living in it and enjoying it

    Jake | Recording!: Oh, Iikka, Do you think Hammer will be getting any upgrades or changes to it sometime in the future? It's pretty dated.
    iikka: good question
    iikka: is the portal2 hammer out yet? I haven't really been following what's out in terms of mod development tools
    iikka: should be able to build TF2 in that

    iikka: sorry what was that?
    *DEAD* Littleedge: Who made the hydroshield props
    Fr0z3n: Who made the hydroshield prop.
    *DEAD* Erich: the props around the hydro dish, who made them
    iikka: oh those
    Erich: the man needs a medal
    Fr0z3n: and a promotion
    iikka: I think it was Laura Dubuk

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to cp_badlands --

    Jake | Recording!: So Iikka, what was your inspiration to create the most overused prop in all of TF2?
    iikka: I think the spire was Moby Francke

    Rikka: was tf2 supposed to teach about geological landforms, or was that an unintended side effect
    iikka: no, we're targeting the geology majors

    weapon_penguin: What is your opinion about tf2 going free to play
    *DEAD* iikka: oh the free to play.. I wasn't involved
    iikka: I don't really mind it
    iikka: brings in more players

    iikka: 5cp, I was just trying to figure out which question to answer
    iikka: if I made another TF2 map it could be 5cp
    iikka: doublecross was originally 5cp
    iikka: but I then took the middle area of it and turned into CTF because there were like two CTF maps in the game

    *DEAD* Seba: Iikka how much money do you spend on keys, per month
    iikka: haha I haven't bought any keys

    iikka: I've been designing levels since 1994

    *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: What was the first game you designed for?
    iikka: Doom + high school

    Littleedge: Iikka we need to know.
    Littleedge: Are you a My Little Pony fan?
    (TEAM) iikka: haha
    iikka: sorry, I'm not

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to pl_rainbowride_b5a --

    iikka: I should get a raise just for seeing this

    Littleedge: This was the winner of our Orange Mapping Contest
    Littleedge: We had to make a map using only dev textures
    iikka: that makes sense
    Littleedge: Ardy, the server admin here, made this map. The contest was created by Rexy here

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to pl_upward --

    iikka: ok that map was pretty sweet

    Seba: Iikka do you like bacon
    iikka: I rarely eat bacon, but just recently my father-in-law gave us a bunch of wild boar bacon he hunted himself and it's awesome

    Fr0z3n: iikka, what do you think about Speedmapping? TF2Maps.net had a 72hr mapping contest and had some amazing results.
    iikka: speedmapping is fun, I like contests with limits like that
    iikka: I once made a quake level with 100 brushes

    Randdalf: what's your favourite control point that you've made?
    iikka: favorite control point... I kind of like badlands middle

    Fr0z3n: What do you do, when your not working on Valve related thing? Hoppies or anything?
    iikka: sometimes I do art or make something out of wood
    iikka: done a lot of home improvement lately

    TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: why is there nothing in this maps pit?
    iikka: the pit's empty because a good pit is its own reward

    *DEAD* Fr0z3n: How does Valve/Tfteam find community maps that go official?
    Fr0z3n: Do people just send them in, or do you look around forums?
    iikka: we tend to just play a bunch of them
    iikka: both

    Dark [Tf2m]: is playing community maps just part of the work day?
    iikka: yeah, about once a week somebody starts a playtest with a few community maps

    iikka: well, I haven't been involved in tf2 very much so I don't know what's been on the server lately

    <Ardy> iika when is dota 2 coming out?
    <Ardy> *iikka
    iikka: can't say

    weapon_penguin: Why do no valve emplyees own microphones? I have played with you, Dario, Robin and Dave Riller and none of them spoke over mic!
    iikka: actually some of us play with a mic here
    iikka: I'm just lazy

    iikka: my havorite color? not sure, depends on where I'm putting it
    *DEAD* Fubar: hat color?
    iikka: haha
    Ritalin Rat: for window treatments
    weapon_penguin: Are you and Dario good buddies?
    iikka: just got some grey curtains that I like
    (ikea joke)
    *DEAD* iikka: that's where I got the curtains
    iikka: I considered making a fake sign to use in TF2 that would say "IIKKA furniture store"

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to koth_nucleus --

    Dark [Tf2m]: does valve just have a bunch of spare mod modelers? If not why are there so many hats?
    *DEAD* iikka: I have the most hats of anybody here

    Littleedge: Which of your five maps took the least amount of time to make, Iikka. and how long?
    *DEAD* iikka: nucleus was the fastest
    iikka: it took less than a month initially, maybe three weeks.. but then slower process of testing and improving
    PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: how do the diplacements in this map work? I never understood the process
    PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: just subdivide?
    iikka: it's pretty fidgety
    iikka: subdivide isn't good enough
    iikka: you can make a template out of brushes with the arc tool
    iikka: then carefully match the displacement to it

    Randdalf: how did you make the hydro dish?
    iikka: hydro dish - with great skill and patience

    iikka: sorry, which tool?
    *DEAD* Fubar: it's not evil
    *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Carve
    Randdalf: carve
    iikka: carve
    iikka: oh
    iikka: it's a trap
    *DEAD* Zhan: hahaha
    iikka: I think the carve tool has been there since prehistory of man
    iikka: and nobody ever uses it, so they don't know it exists
    iikka: so it won't be removed

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to ctf_doublecross --

    Dark [Tf2m]: iikka, why don't you have any valve weps?
    iikka: I rarely play on public steam
    iikka: we do our inhouse tests on a closed system
    iikka: it's like a different instance of steam, it's not connected to the public

    PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: Do you ever NOT finish a map? Something you don't feel good about and therefore quit working on?
    iikka: yeah I have had several maps that I never finished

    Zhan: iikka do you enjoy skiing?
    iikka: I used to ski when I was little and lived in finland
    iikka: downhill skiing, much easier to go up the hill in a lift

    PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: Do you come up with the layouts as well as detail them?
    iikka: varies from map to map
    iikka: nucleus was almost all my effort, others like badlands had more people working on them
    Seba: waht did other people do on badlands?
    iikka: when I'm working on a map here it makes sense to have other team members building models
    iikka: so it all gets done in parallel

    Littleedge: Have you guys ever produced custom assets for maps and then never released the map?
    iikka: yeah sometimes there are assets that go unused

    iikka: anyway, I have to go... have a good weekend everyone!

    Littleedge: Have a good Anniversary weekend!
    Littleedge: And thanks for coming
    iikka: no problem :) I had fun
    iikka disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
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    all the best threads start with post #2
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    I'll make a video of the fun voice chats we had too.
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    When asked about CSS2: "no comment"
    When asked about Dota2 release date: "no comment"

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that CSS2 is a possibility for a future game, but in the current market (CoD/BF3) ... I don't expect it to come out.... (then again, this is obvious)

    Thanks ardy!
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    kinda disappointed with the questions, but i guess that's what i get for not being there!
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    CSS2 features prone, one-click nades, and instakill knives.
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    Thanks Ardy!

    My next planned Mapper Day is a community member. So it should be less exciting.
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    Oh poo, I missed this. When was this anyway?

    Crap. I would've talked with him in finnish and you wouldn't have understood a word.
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    CS has more players than CSS, i wonder where CS:GO will be taken. By all accounts CSS was something of a flop, at least compared to it's predecessor and in-house alternatives like TF2.
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    Should read the events forum more often!
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    And read them at 4 in the morning
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    Or be in the US like a normal person.
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    I wouldn't call the US "normal"
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    Yeh noticed that yesterday. I was just suspecting an Update but a whole new game/Huge DLC Update? That's just awesome! :D
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    Expect a spike in guests on forums in 1... 2... 3...
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    Don't you mean 3..2...1?
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    It is matter of perspective.
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    And this is why I host these things :D