If I had to write tutorials.

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What kind of advanced tutorial would you like ?

  1. How to use 45° angles to enhance your layout.

  2. How to create the perfect layout.

  3. How to detail your brushwork.

  4. How to make good looking displacements.

  5. How to plan a map.

  6. The theory about grayboxing.

  7. The theory behind KOTH maps.

  8. The theory behind PL maps.

  9. The theory behind CP A/D maps.

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  1. RaVaGe

    aa RaVaGe

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    I was thinking about writing some kind of advanced tutorials for TF2, what tutorial would you like ? Not that i'm taking myself as an expert, but I think I could explain the way I do my stuff.

    If you have some other ideas, don't hesitate to ask.
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  2. Da Spud Lord

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    All of them
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  3. SmallBiscuit

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    Using 45* angles would be a really interesting idea for a tutorial that I haven't really seen yet
    Creating the perfect layout is way too broad for a topic
    Detailing your brushwork is very much different between styles, and it would mostly just be used to see how you would do it
    Displacements are really interesting, and as much as i would love to see a tutorial for it, I think its been done before
    Planning a map is also very different between people, but unlike details, this is an aspect where it would be really interesting to learn how it should be done properly
    What is grayboxing?
    Koth maps is all over the place. overplayed. simply just viaduct formula
    PL maps has already been done (I think), but its not really that popular, and I personally have no idea how to make a good PL map...
    AD has NEVER been done (to my knowledge) which sucks, because I had a really cool idea for an AD map, but I never really got it to a point that I liked it, and I feel that failure may have been what drew me away from the mapping community...
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  4. Another Bad Pun

    Server Staff Another Bad Pun punished bird

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    Preferably map planning, since it's rare that I see newer mappers do it effectively.

    and also I can't do it either
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