PD idlefight a1

Achievement_idlefight but detailed.

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    idlefight - Achievement_idlefight but detailed.

    A complete detailing of JBEZORG's achievement_idlefight, with the soho theme chosen entirely at random. Also changed to player destruction so it has an objective.
    Original: https://gamebanana.com/maps/156139
    Collect your enemies' skulls and deposit them at your team's ambulance.
    I still have a few more things to add.
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  2. Egan

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    Your reskin looks cool!

    I haven't seen the idle map before, but I do suspect from the pictures in the video that the easy-bright visibility on the map was a positive element of it. If you recall it is you may want to also add some easier-vis lighting (some yellows/oranges/etc) to the dark streets on your soho retheme. It's not 100% necessary of course, but just a thought. :)