72hr idle_skirmish_beta01 2016-07-25

First attempt at mapping

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    idle_skirmish_beta01 - First attempt at mapping

    After the Frontline model pack got released, I was really excited about the new maps. So I decided to learn mapping(To make a frontline map for the workshop later on) and create a concept map within this 72hrs. I may be updating it in the next few ours with dynamic props, and would like to hear your opinions on improving this map or general tips. Map is meant to be played on your own while waiting in a lobby to be put into a game. Thanks!
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    Looks like your download is broken due to the site getting messed up a few days ago. Click "Post Download Update" in the Overview tab; and reupload the same file and change the version string on the site with "A1 Reupload".