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    Not exactly a contest, so I didn't want to put the post on the contest idea thread. This would be more along the lines of a 72 hr jam. Anyway, the idea (or 2 versions of it):

    So you know how there is Secret Santa? Well, what about Secret Mappers?

    Version 1 (ideal)

    Using anonymous submissions, we test maps and stuff. This will have to be without Vbot, cause you're identity would be revealed there in the map list. Instead, and this is the might-not-happen part, you would submit the map to a separate queue somewhere where only the map name shows. Then imps could be held like normal, except using this separate list instead (maybe Vbot's code can be slightly edited for this? idk).

    The feedback server should be fine as long as nobody claims a map since the feedback is map based and not author based (another reason for might-not-happen).

    Then at some point, we all switch maps randomly and work on the new one given. Version numbers would have to required and I'm not sure if the previous versions of the map should be available or not.

    The Vbot edit may fall apart here because the maps still have to keep their authors' names somewhere hidden in-site or something (unless Vbot could keep track of that anyway). Because at the end of the event, the names of the people who worked on each map are revealed.

    Some problems I know already:
    • Probably too complicated of a new system to set up
    • Troll maps and people who could deliberately vandalize otherwise good maps
      • Staff will most certainly have access to the map authors regardless, but that might ruin the point of secret mappers :/
    • Some maps might just be broken or otherwise frustrating to work with (which means no fun).
    • This idea might have already been bounced around a few times and wasn't ever accomplished because of said problems.

    Version 2 (more doable)

    Instead of completely 100% anonymous submissions, you are instead paired anonymously with someone else. You then collaborate with your fellow anonymous mapper to create a map.

    This version may be slightly more doable because it could just be an edit of the conversations system, but I don't know. However it also removes some of the secret santa aspect because no maps would be exchanged.

    Some problems with this version:
    • You could be matched with someone of a completely different skill level, and thus be frustrating or unfun.
    • Since the convo system is meant to be private, this version might prevent staff or the system from overseeing the names of the mappers when it comes time to reveal.
    • During the reveal, it won't be as exciting to have a person revealed rather than seeing your unfinished map be revealed to be different by someone else.

    Overall Thoughts

    I probably made this post way longer than it needed to be, but oh well. The general idea is there, even if it needs improvement and tweaks. I don't know what's doable and what's not since that's not up to me, but I'm just putting this idea out there.
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    Those posts are pretty interesting. Although, I didn't mean for it to be a contest, just a jam for fun like the 72 hr jam. However, I do see the potential problems from that contest.

    Also (and this is more along the lines of version 1), it wouldn't really be a forced collab because you aren't actually communicating with the original author. At the end, the final map might be completely different, so the map layout you started would still be worth something on its own. There wouldn't be any requirements for detail work, so it could be very detailed or not at all.

    From looking at the previous contest, I realized that I didn't make it clear how people would join the secret mappers thing. From the contest, there were 2 phases and you could join either or both. However, for this, I feel like you'd have to join both in order to ensure everyone that submits a map would also receive a map. Which brings another problem.

    Mapper burnout. This idea was said a few times, and it might even be more of an issue here because if you submit a map, then you will expecting an altered version of that by the end of the event. However, there is no guarantee that will ever happen. Every map could be in a different state from fully functional to not even playable. And it will be pretty disappointing to be given a map with no gameplay logic in it and leaks everywhere.

    Oh well. Just more things to add for might-not-happen status.

    Perhaps this would have to be something done privately with a small group of people separate from a huge event.